Bluetooth Not Working on Your iOS Device? Here’s How to Fix It

Do you own an iPhone or iPad and are experiencing issues while establishing a Bluetooth connection? All of the Apple devices are packed with multiple impressive features and options that anyone can easily use. Using any of the gadgets of this product is super easy for anyone, and undoubtedly iPhones and iPads are the most popular and commonly used devices as they enable their users to perform any task with much ease. However, most of the time, the iOS devices work just fine; sometimes, there may be a situation when you might face some issues. For instance, there are many iOS device users who have currently reported problems with Bluetooth connectivity. According to the users, their iPhones wouldn’t connect to Bluetooth devices. And some reported that their device automatically gets disconnected from Bluetooth accessories. Bluetooth connectivity is quite a common feature that you can find on all smart devices.

If you are experiencing issues with the Bluetooth connectivity on your iPhone or iPad and don’t know how to fix it, you have come to the right place. The following case can be frustrating for anyone as it makes you unable to establish connections across other devices. To help you out, we have mentioned some of the tricks that you can try to eliminate the Bluetooth not working issue occurring on your iPhone or iPad. So, please read out this entire post to get to the solutions.

Fixing Bluetooth not working on iPhone or iPad issue

The Bluetooth connectivity issues on iPhone or iPad are not rare. Any iOS device user can struggle with this problem at any time. There can be various reasons why you are experiencing issues while establishing Bluetooth connectivity on any iOS device. This situation might occur because of software bugs or the outdated software on your device. It is also possible that your Bluetooth accessory is not fully charged. Before you get to the solutions, it would be best to find out the real cause of the problem. Here, focusing on all the possible causes, we have mentioned some straightforward techniques that you need to try to fix the Bluetooth not working issue on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the tricks mentioned below.

Turn off/on the Bluetooth toggle button to fix the issue

Every time I face problems with the Bluetooth connectivity on my device, the first thing that I try is switching off and on the Bluetooth toggle button, as it is the most obvious and easy trick to try. Most of the time, this trick resolves the situation. You can turn off and on the Bluetooth toggle button on your iOS device by going to the Settings app. When you get to the Settings screen, scroll down to tap the “Bluetooth” option and turn off the Bluetooth switch. After a few minutes, turn on the Bluetooth toggle button and see if it resolves the issue.

Update the software on your iOS device

If the trick mentioned above failed to resolve the problem, then the issue might be due to a software bug or the outdated software on your device. In that case, you need to update the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad on which you are struggling with the problem. To update the iOS version, you need to navigate to the Settings app -> General -> Software Update. After this, your device will check if there are any updates available. And if there are, you need to install it to eliminate the issue.

Check if your Bluetooth device is charged or not

It is also possible that your Bluetooth device is not fully charged, because of which, you might be facing issues while establishing a connection. To fix the problem, you need to make sure to charge your Bluetooth accessory and then reboot it. Now, check if you can connect it to your iPhone or iPad.

Forget the device and pair it again to get rid of the problem

Here is another trick that you can try to fix the problem with the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone or iPad. You will have to make the Bluetooth accessory that you are using forget the connection with your iPhone and iPad. After a few minutes, reconnect your Bluetooth accessory to your iOS device. To follow this trick, you will have to get to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

So, these are the four simple and easy tricks that any iPhone and iPad user can try to fix the Bluetooth not working issues occurring on their devices. And this is it for now. Please jump to our website to read more posts like this.



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