Tips to Fix Quick Tap and Other Not Working Features in Google Pixel 6

Undoubtedly, you may find Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with some exclusive features. However, saying they all work without any issues is quite thoughtful. From the customers’ reviews, the Quick tap is the primary Pixel 6′ feature; people are not finding it reliable and working correctly; however, other features may also compel you to fix them. It means, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are loaded with some clever features, but you will also experience the problematic ones among them. Most of these feature issues resolve with software updates from time to time.

However, you can proactively fix these problems arising out of the Pixel 6 features by following this guide.

As you know, Google unveiled the Google 6 series in October 2021. During the launch of the Pixel Series, Google has confirmed many features to experience in the phones. Further, Google’s Tensor chip is the most interesting arguable feature addition. Apart from the Tensor chip, Pixel 6 borrows many similar features available within Android 12, and many of the features use Google’s AI smarts power.

The device has redesigned the on and off processing feature, but you may find them not working many times. Once set in, pixel 6’s Quick tap feature enables users to trigger a specific action by tapping twice on the back. But it does not sometimes work while using it; no matter how many times you tap it, the screenshots were not taken. It is found that restarting the phone quickly solves this issue. So, if you experience the same problem, consider restarting your phone.

Like Quick tap, restarting the phone can fix many other annoying issues you experience daily. Restarting Google’s phones is more fruitful than any other phone while fixing the problems is frustrating because of Google’s software reliability. So, if your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro devices are having some software problems, consider restarting them before you research issues and their solutions anywhere online.

The fingerprint sensor is another failure the users are experiencing where they experienced their fingerprint sensor fail permanently or not working when the phone’s battery dies. Google has also acknowledged the issue, but there is no known fix other than factory reset. It isn’t very reassuring, but you should consider it if you want to use the fingerprint sensor on your phone.

The next issue is randomly ghost dialing contacts, where you observe ghost dialing at some point of the day until you have Do Not Disturb enabled on your phone. To solve the issue, you can download the latest version of the Google app. Although, ensure the version you download is 12.43.18 or newer.

No 30 W charging is another aspect to look into as Google boasts a super 30W Pixel 6 charging; however, you do not get this much fast charging, and it aims to max 22W charging. There is no solution for this charging problem yet. It’s quite [possible there is some problem with the software limiting the charging.

Furthermore, some people are also complaining about the second hole punch in their displays. It’s the weirdest issue in the Pixel phone. There is only one hole for the front-facing camera; however, some of them have a second punch hole.

Finally, you can end most issues with restarting your phone as Google relies more on software than other smartphones. Updating software also works well and erasing brings back many functions to normality.



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