A Complete Guide to Disable Start up Sound on a Windows 11 PC

Microsoft has always worked to provide its customers with the best product and services. Recently, the tech giant has rolled out Windows 11, which is a major Windows update, including multiple excellent features and options. Windows 11 enables its users to easily perform any computing task on their devices. A majority of Windows users have already downloaded and installed this updated version of the operating system on their PCs and desktops. If you are also running Windows 11 OS on your device, you must have noticed some of the significant changes that it includes. For instance, the position of the Start Menu and taskbar has changed, and with that, the live tiles and Cortana have also been removed from the OS. While there are a lot of new things to explore in the recently updated Windows version, there are still some functionalities that remain the same.

For example, when you start your Windows computer, it makes a beautiful soothing start up sound. While most people like this sound, there can be some Windows users who might want to disable it on their devices. And fortunately, it is much straightforward for anyone to disable the startup sound on a Windows 11 PC. Are you also a user of a Windows 11 computer? Want to disable the startup tone on your device but don’t know how to do so? If this is the case, there is no need to go anywhere now. In the following post, you will be able to get the method following which you can easily disable the startup tone on your Windows 11 PC. So, make sure to go through this whole post to get every detail.

Disabling the startup sound on a Windows 11 PC

Any Windows 11 user can easily turn off the startup sound on their device. There are multiple methods that you can follow for this. You can turn off the start-up sounds by going to the Windows Settings, or you can do so via the Group Policy Editor. Here we have mentioned both of these methods that you can easily follow. So, it’s finally time to get to the first method now.

Method 1: Turning off start-up sounds via the Settings app on Windows 11

Follow the steps to disable the startup sounds on your Windows 11 computer using the Settings app:

  • To get started, you will first launch the Settings app on your Windows 11 device. To do so, you can use a keyboard shortcut, which is “Windows + I.”
  • Alternatively, you can go to the Settings screen by using the Windows search option.
  • And once you get to the main window, go to the left navigation panel and click on the “Personalization” category.
  • Next, you will have to come to the right side of the screen and scroll down to click the “Themes” tab.
  • After you get to the Themes section, you will click the Sounds option placed next to the system’s image.
  • When a pop-up appears on your screen, you will uncheck the box given next to the option of “Play Windows Start up Sounds.”
  • At last, click on the “Apply” option and then hit the “Ok” button to save the changes. And that’s it.

You have successfully turned off the startup tone on your Windows 11 computer.

Method 2: Instructions to turn off the startup tone using Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 11

One can also disable the startup sound on their Windows 11 computer via the Local Group Policy Editor tool. Here’s how this method works:

  • First of all, you will launch the Run window on your Windows 11 device. For this, you will press the “Windows + R” keys from your keyboard.
  • In the Run dialogue box, you will type “gpedit.msc” to launch the Group Policy Editor tool, and then use the enter key.
  • When the main window appears on your screen, you will go to “Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Logon.”
  • Next, you will double-click on the “Turn Off Windows Startup Sound to open the policy.”
  • After the next window shows up, choose the option of “Enabled.”
  • And at last, click on the “Apply” option and then save the changes by clicking on the “Ok” button. And that’s all you will have to do to disable the startup sounds on your Windows 11 PC.

So, these are the two methods that you can use to disable the startup sounds on your Windows 11 PC. Try any of the techniques right away and visit our official website to stay updated.

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